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Assisted Living

Assisted living is designed for those who value their independence but desire some support. You'll have all the freedom you want and receive personalized care to maintain your independence.

We offer a vibrant life with quality care, community, and delicious meals. At Venvi assisted living, you'll discover the perfect balance between independence and support. 

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Assisted Living Across Canada

The term "assisted living” and the assessment criteria vary across the provinces Venvi operates in.

In Ontario, our clinical team evaluates each individual's needs to ensure that assisted living is right for you. Based on this assessment, we may suggest additional services or living options.  


British Columbia
In British Columbia, we provide assisted living services. To qualify, you must complete an assessment administered by our clinical team. We also offer residential care and private residential homes for those requiring more daily care.  


Private Care & Designated Supportive Living 

Our private care retirement options include Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. Our clinical team will help you determine which lifestyle best meets your needs. We also offer designated supportive living to those qualified by the regional transaction services team and our assessment. We're here to assist you every step of the way.  


In Manitoba, we specialize in supportive housing, focusing on memory care. Our clinical team and the Regional Health Authority will determine your eligibility based on an assessment of your care needs. 


In Saskatchewan, assisted living is termed a personal care home. Eligibility and care needs are determined by assessments by our clinical team and the Regional Health Authority.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of assisted living?

Assisted living allows seniors to maintain their independence and receive personalized care. Residents can enjoy the freedom of retirement living with the added benefit of optional care services tailored to meet their needs. We ensure that each resident receives the necessary support to lead the best possible life. 

What is the difference between assisted living and independent living?

Assisted living and independent living cater to different levels of personal needs.  


Independent living is designed for seniors who are primarily self-sufficient but seek the community and social opportunities a community setting offers.   


On the other hand, assisted living offers everything independent living does but with additional support. It's ideal for those who nee some assistance with daily living activities like medication management, bathing, or dressing. Assisted living is the middle ground between independent living and intensive care, offering a personalized approach to meet each resident's needs.   


Both independent living and assisted living communities provide a wide range of care services. Some care options even include dementia care.    

What is the cost of assisted living?

Assisted living costs vary based on the care and support services you need. While there's a standard suite cost, additional care services will have a separate charge. As your care needs evolve, the cost will adjust accordingly.    

We'll develop a personalized health and wellness plan for each resident, ensuring that costs align directly with individual needs. If your care needs change, we'll work with you to modify your plan. 

Additionally, in certain provinces where Venvi operates, eligible residents might benefit from provincial government funding for assisted living residents. 

Care that Grows with You

Your journey of care may change over time. Our community is here to support you every step of the way. 

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Independent Living

For seniors looking for an independent lifestyle with care services available if you need them.

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Independent Supportive Living

Designed for seniors who value their independence. Live life on your terms, with our dedicated staff always nearby.

Memory Care

Memory Care

Specialized support for seniors to cherish memories, live with dignity, and navigate life's journey in a nurturing community.

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Short Term and Respite Care

Interested in a no-pressure trial stay at a Venvi community? Enjoy a temporary respite with comfort, amenities, and support without a long-term commitment.